As many of you may have seen, response headers that are returned when making calls to Box APIs are changing on May 10th, 2021. In short, the letter case of the response headers will be standardized as part of ongoing upgrades to our networking and observability infrastructure. Box SDK users are not affected, but direct API consumers may be depending on if / how those response headers are used.

While we have reached out to potentially impacted customers, you may want to double check your Box applications meet these standards. …

The Folder Lock APIs are now available

As of today we’re happy to announce the general availability of the new Folder Lock APIs. Enhancing the control and security over the structure of your folders within Box, these new APIs may be used to lock a folder from being moved or deleted until the lock has been removed.

As part of this launch, there are three new endpoints that are being made available, allowing you to:

Creating a new folder lock

When a lock is applied to a folder it will prevent…

Get ready to build custom integrations between Slack and Box

In on our ongoing push towards enhancing our guides to showcase the ways in which Box can be used within all of the different systems your business uses today, we’re happy to announce the next integration in our growing repository of quick-starts, Slack.

You can read and walk through the new Slack quick start here.

Sync Slack channels to Box user groups

Slack channels are a natural way in which many of us use Slack to group people into projects, interest areas, or quick conversation threads. …

Metadata Querying in the Content Explorer

The power behind Box isn’t simply in secure content storage, but in what you can do to enhance that content into powerful workflows and control systems. If you haven’t explored it yet, metadata queries are one of those mechanisms. The ability to store customized data about files without altering their content, through metadata, and then the ability to query that data brings in an entire range of capabilities to organize, control, and govern your content.

Back in April we announced the availability of the new metadata query APIs, and today we’re happy to show an early integration walkthrough of what’s…

Box developer documentation update

As part of our continued work to enhance our developer onboarding documentation, we’d like to introduce a new series of guides and quickstarts that have recently gone live.

  • SSO integration best practices: Four new guides have been launched in our new SSO and app users section, covering best practices for how to attach an outside single sign-on solution with a Box application via Box users.
  • SSO quickstart with Okta: For a practical walkthrough, this quickstart walks through how to set up an Okta login and users to provision and link Box app users to create a unified experience between Okta…

We’ll be hosting the next free live Box webinar on January 22nd, 2020 at 11am PT (1pm CT, 2pm ET) which will go through the the security and best practices for building applications at scale with Box Platform.

You can register for the webinar here. This link will also give you access to the recorded live session at a later date if you aren’t able to attend during that time.

During the session we’ll be covering a number of topics, including:

  • Security considerations for applications, data, and users
  • Scalable user and folder architectures that fortify applications
  • Strategies to reduce technical debt through reporting and automation

We’ll also have folks answering questions throughout the webinar, so it’s a perfect way to get any questions that you may have answered immediately.

See you all there!

Today, we’re announcing the next major enhancement for developers building front-end experiences using Box UI Elements. These enhancements come in the form of three new features:

  • A new Grid View for the Explorer Element.
  • Integration of brand new tasks capabilities integrated in the Preview and Sidebar Elements.
  • File and folder version viewing and switching, also embedded in the Preview and Sidebar Elements.

Taking advantage of these new features can be accomplished simply by upgrading your Box Elements JavaScript and CSS files to v11.0 using our installation instructions.

Let’s take a look at what these new features deliver:

Content Explorer Grid View

Grid View in Box Elements 11

The new Grid…

Back in May we announced an early beta release of the new Box iOS SDK, built from the ground up in Swift.

After extensive feedback and testing by our beta group we are now ready to announce the general availability of the SDK to all of our Box Platform developers. You can download it now from our SDK page.

The new iOS SDK delivers full parity with the Box APIs, meaning that the SDK will be much easier to use with all features of Box Platform, as well as support for popular package managers, Cocoapods, Carthage, and the Swift Package…

Token Revocation API Documentation at

We’re happy to announce new enhancements around how you can manage the secure revocation of access tokens within Box. We are extending the capabilities of the /revoke endpoint to provide the ability to revoke both standard fully scoped access tokens (current functionality), as well as downscoped tokens (new functionality).

What are access tokens and what’s changing?

Even if you’re not familiar with what an access token is, you will have interacted with them if you’ve made API calls to Box. Think of an access token as your skeleton key that grants an application permission to access data for other users and do things on their behalf. A…

We’ll be hosting the second iteration of our Box Platform webinar series on September 12th, 2019 at 11am PT (1pm CT, 2pm ET) where we’ll go through best practices for working with Box in mobile-centric apps.

You can register for the webinar here. This link will also give you access to the recorded live session at a later date if you aren’t able to attend during that time.

Here’s a look at some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • Creating your first native iOS application with the new Swift SDK.
  • How to handle tokens and access security between a mobile…

Jonathan LeBlanc

Emmy award winner, O'Reilly author, open source contributor, Senior Director of Developer Advocacy at Box.

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